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Lorraine Chavana

Lorraine Chavana sings with a smooth voice described as rich, smoky and sultry. Lorraine's debut album, FREE TO LOVE, includes her cover of her favorite Classic and Traditional Country songs, as sung by country music legends such as George Jones, Merle Haggard, Mickey Gilley, and Crystal Gayle, and also includes duets with country music greats Tony Booth and Johnny Rodriguez. The album showcases Lorraine's voice, piano-playing, and songwriting talents with the debut of her original songs: "A Man Who Ain't Mine", "This Bed That I Have Made", and the album's title track "Free to Love". Lorraine's music has received high acclaim, and can be heard on radio stations around the world! Lorraine may be a newcomer, but with her incredible talent and enjoyable sound, she is sure to please for years to come!  Listen, here, for yourself!

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