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October 26, 2017:
The following newspaper article appeared in

The Victoria Advocate

Lorraine Marshall Chavana with one of her country music idols Randy Travis.
She met him while filming for "The Penny Gilley Show" in September.   




"Singer wins award, future television appearance"


Lorraine Marshall Chavana's music has been recognized on the radio worldwide, and at the beginning of November, her face will be seen nationwide.


"I am very excited to be recognized and to continue to be recognized for doing something I love," the Port Lavaca singer said. "It shows that I'm growing as an artist."


Chavana will be featured as a guest performer on "The Penny Gilley Show" on Nov. 3.


The television appearance will be aired just months after the singer attended the 2017 Josie Music Awards in Nashville and received the award for Traditional Country Female Artist of the Year.


Chavana had won in the Traditional Country Female Vocalist last year.


She was invited to perform on the television show in late August.


Chavana filmed her first national television appearance in September in Fort Worth, where she was invited to sing at the historic Longhorn Saloon in the Fort Worth Stockyards on "The Penny Gilley Show" on RFD-TV.


"I got to meet country legends Charley Pride and Randy Travis," the singer said.


She will be featured as the guest vocalist of the week on Nov. 3.


"It's my very first national full production TV recording," Chavana said. "I'd be excited for others to view it and share the excitement with me."


• WHAT: "The Penny Gilley Show" on RFD-TV

• WHEN: 2:30 p.m. November 3rd.

• WHERE TO WATCH: Channel 568 and 1568 on AT&T U-Verse; Channel 345 on DIRECT TV; and Channel 231 on DISH.

(And Time Warner Cable in certain areas - check local listings.)

July 6, 2017:
The following newspaper article appeared in

The Victoria Advocate

Living Her Dream



"Port Lavaca native's music career takes off"


In her black leather boots and silky, wavy dress, Lorraine Marshall Chavana walked in shock and disbelief to accept her award for Traditional/Classic Country Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2016 Josie Music Awards in Nashville.

The singer couldn't help but smile and be reassured that was where she belonged as she remembered one of her first and biggest fans - her late father, Lamar "Butch" Marshall.

"Dad must have put in a good word for me with the good Lord above," Chavana laughed. "He wanted to pursue music and didn't get to do it. Now I am kind of doing it for us both."

The 46-year-old Port Lavaca native, who got her start singing for larger crowds at country opry shows, will be returning to the Crossroads Country Opry at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Victoria Jaycee Hall.

The Crossroads Country Opry has hosted shows on the second Tuesday of the month since September 2010.

Artists like Tony Booth, Billy Mata and Justin Trevino have performed at the opry since it started.

The other artist performing Tuesday night will be Ross Brunner.

The nonprofit's goal is to keep classic country and gospel music alive, while raising money for scholarships for seniors throughout the Crossroads, said John Sullivan, president of the Crossroads Country Opry.

"We give artists auditions and, if they do good, we keep them on stage," Sullivan said.

Chavana's album, "Free to Love," was released Oct. 24, 2015.

The singer said it was made out of fun because it was something she had dreamed about as a child. And her husband, Alfonzo Chavana, had encouraged her to record an album so their daughter, Ava Chavana, would have a recording of her voice.

The album includes Chavana's favorite classic and traditional country songs, along with songs she wrote, duets with two musicians and a few numbers on which she is featured on piano.

"The album offers people a chance to go back to a time where those songs were popular," Chavana said. "And the original songs give them a chance to listen to the traditional country music of today with the sound of yesteryear."

A week after her album was released, the singer had her first live radio interview with Rodney Moag on his radio program the "Country Swing and Rockabilly Jamboree" on KOOP in Austin.

Chavana said that DJs from across the country listened in and started requesting her music and, within three months, her music was being played internationally in places like Spain, Germany, Denmark, Argentina and Uruguay.

The singer has been recognized by Texas Troubadour Classic, Ameripolitan Music Awards, Academy of Western Artists and recently received nominations for the 2017 Josie Music Awards.

She is returning to the Josie Music Awards as a nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Female Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year and her original song, "This Bed That I Have Made," was nominated for Song of the Year.

"I am so thankful for all of the people who have enjoyed my sound," the singer said. "To go through so many accomplishments, that a few short years ago were not even a thought, truly amazes me and seems so surreal."

Chavana remembers performing shows at home in front of her dad who loved her rich and sultry voice.

The singer's father encouraged her to follow her dreams and pursue music until his last breath, and she is glad to have accomplished many achievements because of him.

"I believe he is watching now, looking down from above with a twinkle in his eye, and a bigger-than-life grin, proudly singing along," she said. "It looks like I am now living out dreams for us both. and I will go as far as it will take me."

February 22, 2017:
The following newspaper article appeared in

The Port Lavaca Wave

"Port Lavaca native finds success in country music"

Lorraine Marshall Chavana, 45, of San Antonio, and formerly of Port Lavaca, holds her Traditional and Classic Country Female Vocalist of the Year award at the Second Annual Josie Music Awards show in September 2016. (Contributed photo)



Doors of opportunity have opened for country and western musician Lorraine Marshall Chavana, 45, every step of her music career since it began two years ago.

Chavana, formerly of Port Lavaca, and who lives in San Antonio, released her debut album “Free to Love” in 2015. Since that release, Chavana has received recognition for her music at the national and international levels.

“After my album was released in late October 2015, it received rave reviews debuting on the radio within a week of its release, and by early 2016, it was playing on radio programs and stations around the world in places such as Mexico and Australia, throughout Europe and in Norway, Denmark and Sweden,” Chavana said.

At every turn, Chavana met and found favor with music industry individuals from Austin and other Texas Music scenes who provided her with advice on how to navigate and succeed within the industry, she said.

This recognition led to nominations for awards, Chavana said.

“In September 2016, I was nominated for several awards in Nashville including one for my album and one for an original song at the Second Annual Josie Music Awards honoring independent artists worldwide where, out of 16 nominated, I won the award for Traditional and Classic Country Female Vocalist of the Year,” she said.

Chavana was nominated for other awards including Honky Tonk Female at the recent Fourth Annual Ameripolitan Music Awards held Wednesday at the Paramount Theatre in Austin. Chavana did not win.

The other nomination is for Pure Country Female for the 21st Annual Will Rogers Awards or the AWA (Academy of Western Artists) Awards. Winners in that category will be announced March 16 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.

“Just a few weeks ago, the five finalists in each category for the AWA Awards were announced, and I am a top five finalist for Pure Country Female Vocalist, and my cut of the song ‘Texas Honky Tonk’ made the top five out of 105 songs that were nominated, for which I am elated,” Chavana said.

Chavana said while each awards show in which she has been nominated is different, each show supports and promotes classic and traditional country music by independent artists.

“The Josie Music Awards, which recognizes artists from all genres of music, were judged and decided by music industry professionals, specifically in the Nashville area,” she said.

“The AWA Awards, which focus on the arts with a western influence are judged and decided by the worldwide radio disc jockeys who play the music. The Ameripolitan Awards, which is a new genre comprised of four different types of classic country music, was voted on online by the public,” she said. “Whether I win or not, I feel like I have already won.”

To promote her music, Chavana also created Lorraine Chavana Music, Lorraine Chavana Music Publishing and Rhinestone Records ~ San Antonio, which is her own music label.

“As a kid I dreamed of being an entertainer,” Chavana said. “It’s been surreal and very exciting. I could not have pulled any of this off on my own. The good Lord has opened some doors, and I shrug and step on through. It is fun to see where this ride is going, and I will go wherever it takes me.”

To purchase a CD, go to Melstan Feed Store, located at 111 N. Ann St., or visit Chavana is also on iTunes and CD Baby.

August 2016:

Lorraine was featured in a special edition of Fair Play Country Music Magazine

which showcased the artists nominated for the 2016 Josie Music Awards:

June 27, 2016:

Lorraine was mentioned in the following article, published on

Country Music Chart

about radio personality/disc jockey, 

Paul Hazell, of Paul Hazell's World of Country

which airs on 105 FM Uckfield - East Sussex, United Kingdom.


March - April, 2016:

The following review, by Lillies Ohlsson, appeared

in the Scandinavian publications

SCC (Smalands Country Club) - NYTT and Kountry Korral Magazine: 

In SCC-NYTT, albums are rated by the number of "Stetson Hats" received.  Lorraine received 4 out of 5 "Stetson Hats" on her album review.

English Translation of Review:


A new artist comes with thirteen soft country songs by well known country profiles, but Lorraine takes up music that has not been played too often, such as Lefty Frizzell/ Sanger Shafer's "That's The Way Love Goes ", Buck Owens  "Loving You " is not played often, but Lorraine and Tony Booth make a nice version. A song that seems to fit on each and every CD these days, is Cindy Walker/Eddy Arnold’s "You Don't Know Me" - incredibly enjoyable. Lorraine has a few of her own works which the title tune ["Free To Love"] [no doubt] will end up on the charts, and "This Bed That I Have Made" and "A Man Who Ain't Mine" speak for themselves.


Lorraine Chavana’s CD, recorded in the Heart of Texas Recording Studio, has a gang that echoes in Texas... [musicians] Jim Loessberg, Charlie Walton, Randy Lindley, Jake Hooker, T. Jarrod Bonta, Amber Digby, Justin Trevino, Jade can't be anything other than dang good. Lorraine, a great debut album!


March 2, 2016:

The following review appeared on the website When The Cowboy Sings

by Miguel Angel Diaz Gonzalez of Madrid, Spain.



Aqui nos encontramos hablando del maravilloso CD debut de Lorraine Chavana,autentico country tradicional y honky tonk,producido nada mas y nada menos que por Justin Trevino,garantia de calidad.Aparte de producir el CD nos lo encontramos en la guitarra y en las harmonias vocales,entre sus musicos esta lo mejor de Texas, Jim Loessberg a la steel guitar y la bateria,Charlie Walton a la guitarra principal,Randly Lindley  en la guitarra ritmica,al contrabajo al fantastico Jake Hooker,el violinista es Jade Stone, y al maestro del piano T. Jarrod Bonta,Lorraine Chavana a parte de cantar y de las harmonias vocales se atreve con el piano en "Loving You" y"I Always Get Lucky With You".El CD ademas cuenta con artista invitados como Tony Booth ,Johnny Rodríguez, y con Amber Digby en las harmonias.

En el CD nos encontramos con trece canciones,de las que tres de ellas han sido escritas por Lorraine Chavana"Free To Love""This Bed That I Have Made"y"A Man Who Ain't Mine",y las diez restantes son versiones de grandes clasicos de la musica tradicional y el honky tonk,Buck Owens,Lefty Frizzell,Johnny Rodriguez...etc,por mencionar algunos.Tambien canta un par de canciones de Justin Trevino,"Don't Leave The Leaving Up To Me"y"Texas Honky Tonk". Un CD gananador,teniendo en cuenta la preciosa voz de Lorraine,y el gran talento de los musicos que la acompañen,si quieres hacerte con el,y disfrutar de su musica visita su Web.

English Translation of  Review:
Here we are talking about the wonderful debut CD of Lorraine Chavana, authentic traditional country and honky tonk [music].  Produced by none other than Justin Trevino, it is guaranteed to be of quality, not only producing,  he also added guitar and vocal harmonies.  Among its musicians are the best of Texas: Jim Loessberg on the steel guitar and the drums, Charlie Walton on lead guitar, Randly Lindley on the rhythm guitar, and the bass of the fantastic Jake Hooker, with violinist Jade Stone, and piano master T. Jarrod Bonta.  Lorraine Chavana also took part in singing vocal harmonies, and playing piano on "Loving You" and "I Always Get Lucky With You".  The CD also features guest artists Tony Booth and Johnny Rodríguez, and Amber Digby on the harmonies.

On the CD we have thirteen songs, of which three have been written by Lorraine Chavana, "Free To Love",  "This Bed That I Have Made " and "A Man Who Ain't Mine", and the ten remaining are versions of classic and traditional  honky tonk music by Lefty Frizzell, Buck Owens and Johnny Rodriguez... etc, to name a few.  Lorraine sings a couple of songs by Justin Trevino,  "Don't Leave The Leaving Up To Me" and "Texas Honky Tonk".  This CD is a winner, taking into account Lorraine's beautiful voice, and the great talent of the musicians accompanying her.  For more, if you enjoy her music, visit her website:
November 25, 2015:
The following newspaper article appeared in

The Port Lavaca Wave

"Former Port Lavaca woman releases debut album"


Lorraine Marshall Chavana, 44, of San Antonio, formerly of Port Lavaca, recently released her first country music CD Free To Love Oct. 24 at a performance at the Shellfish Sports Bar & Grill. (Contributed photo)




Lorraine Marshall Chavana, 44, of San Antonio, formerly of Port Lavaca, has released her first country music CD Free To Love.  The CD has 13 classic and traditional country songs with three original songs, for which Chavana wrote the lyrics and the music. 

Chavana released the CD last month at the Shellfish Sports Bar & Grill, performing for a crowd of about 100 friends and family.  “It’s very exciting. I had releasing my own CD in the back of my mind. It was something I wanted to do for 35 or 40 years,” Chavana said.


Chavana began singing at home with her late father Lamar “Butch” Marshall, who was known in Port Lavaca for his voice.  “It was magical,” Chavana said of the experience of singing with her father. “He had such a love for singing and a twinkle in his eye when he did it. It was just contagious.” 


Chavana began singing country and contemporary music with her father when she was just old enough to talk.  “I would entertain family in the afternoons standing atop a table on our patio. I also entertained by playing the piano,” she said.


Teased for her low voice in school, Chavana did not join choir.  “I have no choral experience or vocal training, but instead an inherited love of music and singing having learned what I know just from singing with my dad over the years,” she said.


Later, Chavana pursued acting while working as an auditor getting roles in Texas-based films and commercials for over a decade. But after a chance visit to a theme park recording studio with her father, her attention returned to singing. Chavana had to temporarily put her music dreams on hold after Butch suffered a massive heart attack and received a heart transplant.


In 2012, fearing his daughter would not pursue singing without him to sing with, Butch suggested Chavana sit in with cousin Chipper Sneed, formerly of Port Lavaca, and his band Chip Sneed and Friends for a show at Ross’ Old Austin Café in Austin.  “A love of music that started with my dad may have ended with him as well, but he wanted me to experience the excitement of entertaining a live audience, hoping I would enjoy it, and continue singing but with a new audience,” Chavana said. “I loved it.”  Chavana performed twice more at Ross’. 


Butch kept encouraging his daughter to pursue her music.  “Before my dad’s passing on Memorial Day 2013, he encouraged me to continue singing, to follow my heart and to pursue my dreams, so I returned to Ross’ and I enjoy singing there every chance that I get,” Chavana said. “I feel I learned from him and having had no other lessons it’s all I can attribute it to.”


Chavana played her first country opry in March 2014 at the Flag City Opry in Edna. She has played many other country opries in different counties ever since Edna.  “I really enjoy singing the classic country because everyone has memories associated with songs and it takes them back to the good ol’ days,” Chavana said.


“When I am singing and I look out at people and they are beaming with a smile I know I am connecting with them. Music is so uplifting.”  “If I didn’t have those opries I wouldn’t have had people ask if I had a CD. I always wanted to do it, and people were asking for a CD, and I said by golly I’m going to do one,” she said.


Chavana plays piano on two tracks on the CD. Classic country artists Johnny Rodriguez and Tony Booth of the Buck Owens’ Bakersfield Sound revolution make guest appearances on the CD.  “Johnny is the first country music artist I have memory of, and his songs are the first I learned when I was 3 years old so it just seemed apropos to have him be a part of my first CD,” Chavana said.


Chavana does not see her musical pursuits ending anytime soon.  “I will go as far as it takes me. I’ve done a lot of opry shows. If someone hears a song and it takes off it would be wonderful, but I will keep performing. I will keep connecting with people and making them smile,” she said.  Chavana performed at the Crossroads Country Opry earlier this month in Victoria.


Free To Love is available for purchase on and at Melstan Feed & Western Wear, located at 111 N. Ann St. in Port Lavaca.


October 29, 2015:

The following newspaper article appeared in

The Victoria Advocate

"Lorraine Chavana: 'Low and sultry'"

By Jon Wilcox 

Singer-songwriter Lorraine Chavana is making ripples in the country scene with her deep, expressive voice.


Singer-songwriter Lorraine Chavana's low and sultry voice used to embarrass her as a child.  But that same voice, which cruel classmates once teased her for, is now recognized for what it truly is: beautiful.


The 44-year-old wife and mother, of Port Lavaca, has recently realized her lifelong dream of becoming a singer with the October release of her debut album, "Free to Love."


Encouraged by a father who was recognized by friends and neighbors for his exceptional voice, Chavana had a love affair with singing that began early.  "I began singing ... with my father when I was just old enough to talk and would entertain family in the afternoons, standing atop a table on our patio," she said.


As a teenager, the Port Lavaca native began to feel self-conscious about her exceptionally rich voice and turned her energies away from music.  Between her high school drill team, drama, a burgeoning acting career and then finally a family of her own, Chavana focused her energies everywhere but music.


She wouldn't try her voice again until 2012.  After accepting an invitation to perform at a Ross' Old Austin Cafe in Austin, Chavana realized she still was in love with singing.


"In the spring of 2013, before my dad's passing, he encouraged me to continue singing, to follow my heart and to pursue my dreams," she said. "I returned to Ross' and enjoy singing there every chance I get."


These days, Chavana is working to expand and practice her craft. In April 2014, she added songwriting to her list of skills. Her album, Free to Love, takes its title from a song she wrote.


The album features guest appearances by classic country artists Tony Booth and Johnny Rodriguez.  For Chavana, recording with Rodriguez was surreal as he is the first country music artist she remembers listening to.  "It just seemed apropos to have him be a part of my first CD," she said.


It may have taken her years, but these days, Chavana is exactly where she always dreamed she'd be.


For more information

Lorraine Chavana's music will be available at

and for purchase at

Melstan Feed & Western Wear,

111 N. Ann St., in Port Lavaca.

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